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Local Thrift Shops See Massive Profits

In preparation for the next month's Macklemore show, UNC students are lining up outside of thrift shops such as Goodwill, The Arc, and other locations in order to stock up on apparel. Students have been seen buying Tommy Bahama shirts, stainied ties and old suit jackets. 

One employee told us, "We owe it all to Mr. Macklemore. We can hardly keep any of our urine soaked clothes in stock." Goodwill also reported that they have seen massive increases in profits, almost doubling the normal revenue average in February alone. 

Students are encouraged to bring no less than $20 in their pockets, and expect lines and delays while trying to purchase clothes that will resemble "your grandpa's style." 

Tickets are officially sold out for the show, but for those who already have their tickets, be sure to stop by anyone of these local businesses and get your threads together for the show. 

-Benjamin Fuller, Northern Lights

Student Senate Open Forum a Great Success

Picture of Oliver Bourne

Oliver Bourne, Student Senate Director of Finance, speaking at the                        begining of UNC Student Senate's Open Form this evening.

Photo Credit -Matthew Davis


Tonight was the Student Fee Open form which had a massive turn out.  Only a few chairs sat empty this evening as every Organization on campus had an opportunity to either speak on their own behalf, or for other students to add their commentary.  Mostly positive comments came forward, while a few reflected change to come in the near future.  The event was run by Mr. Bourne who is the Director of Finance for UNC's Student Senate.  


More photos of the event are available here

Click here to learn more about UNC's Student Senate

UPC Avoids Thrifty Reputation

UNC's UPC Hits The Jackpot for Students

Let there be no doubts; Macklemore is officially coming to Greeley, Colorado on March 3rd.

Thats right, UNC is going to provide a concert of absolute global-proportions. Not only is Macklemore the top artist, album and song title in the United States, but the artist is also as popular globally, as any. With the platform song "Thrift Shop" serving as a launching pad, Macklemore has also gained enormous success while touring the country early this year.

A heavy "hats off" goes to either the know-how, or the sheer luck of UNC's University Program Council for booking such an electrifying event. Macklemore; the nations newest music sensation will be at UNC March 3rd. The concert will be held at Butler Hancock. Doors open at 6pm and the show starts at 8pm. it Tickets are $8 for students and $25 for non-students and can be purchachased at the UC front desk, or at http://www.unco.edu/upc/spring-concert.html starting Monday.

This show and talent is head and shoulders above previous years' and it would be a shame to miss!



-Benjamin Fuller


Larry "Wild Man" Fischer, 1944-2011

One of the father's of outsider music, Larry "Wild Man" Fischer, passed away from heart trouble on June 16, 2011. After singing his original songs on the streets of Los Angeles, Fischer was "discovered" by Frank Zappa, who went on to record and produce Fischer's first album, "An Evening with Wild Man Fischer.

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