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Music Reviews

A Day To Remember, Common Courtesy Album Review

Earlier this month, hardcore rock band A Day To Remember released their fifth album entitled Common Courtesy. This album brings them back to their strong riffs and lyrics like on their 3rd album, Homesick. After their lead guitarist, Tom Denney quit in 2009 it made their guitar lines a little weak, but new lead guitarist Kevin Skaff seems to be setting the bar higher for himself. This album has a wonderful flow and many different themes incorperated throughout. Jeremy Mckinnon outdid himself with some of the lyrics. A personal favourite is off track three, entitled "Sometimes You're The Hammer, Sometimes You're The Nail." The lyrics that speak most are towards the end of the song.

Album Review: Kanye West and Jay Z's Watch the Throne

The first track on Watch the Throne opens with a bouncy bass line, a tune that brings the corners of your mouth skyward with anticipation. Then, Frank Ocean's soulful voice comes in and lets us know who we're talking about- God's among kings among men. This is a work of art from two of this generation's music icons- Jay Z, whose work has led him to be the most successful recording artist in recent history, and Kanye West, whose antics and feverish lyrics make him a modern day prophet. The only question that remains, especially for fans of one or both artists, is whether or not the album can live up to the enormous hype. The answer is yes, but in a way that you probably couldn't ever imagine.

Album Review: Adele's 21

Like most people, I wasn't keenly aware of Adele's presence until her appearance on SNL back in 2008. Millions of Americans were watching that night, not because of Adele but because Sarah Palin was supposed to appear. But, like most viewers that night, I was enraptured by the unknown musical guest's captivating sound. After that, I bought her second single- "Chasing Pavements" and listened to it several dozen times until I bought her debut album.

Now, three years later she's come out with her sophomore effort- 21. If anything, her first album was a heartfelt exploration of what contemporary soul could be. 21 is the full realization of that idea; it's 21st century retro-soul and it's beautifully mature with a dash of endearing naïveté.

Album Review - Danza III: The Series of Unfortunate Events

(My name is Thulsa Doom. I host The Riddle of Steel on Sundays from 8-10. I play heavy metal and complain about the temperature of the studio or the strange smells coming out of the trash can. If that sounds like compelling radio to you, then tune in.

Either way, I've been informed that I need to start putting content on the website, preferrably in the form of album reviews.

Fair enough. Let me map out what's going to happen here:

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