About UNC Radio

February 1995
KSRX Chartered as a student organization. We begin where KSRR left off and purchase all the equipment needed to begin broadcasting on cable to the UNC Campus.
August 1996
KSRX begins Broadcasting on cable at 99.9 FM from a VERY SMALL basement room in the Davis House. The Marcus Garvey Cultural Center is gracious enough to provide this room to us free of charge!
October 1997
Our website at www.unco.edu/ksrx first debuts, providing us with a new way to reach the students of UNC!
August 1, 1998
KSRX Student Organization becomes UNC Student Radio.
August 20, 1999
Our studio moves to a larger room in the basement of the Davis House. The original studio becomes our office.
September 1, 1999
We begin transmitting at 93.7 FM using a low power transmitter that reaches campus and the surrounding area!
June 5, 2000
We begin to broadcast on the Internet, reaching a world audience!
August 18, 2000
We change our broadcast frequency to 93.9 FM.
August 24, 2000
Channel 3 becomes just another way to listen to UNC Student Radio!
January 15, 2001
UNC Student Radio applies for a Low-Power FM License to the FCC.
January of 2004
After a long dry spell, the Radio Station heads through a Reinessance. Only a few people worked at the station at this time who were about to leave UNC. The next generation of Radio Station?comes about with the managment of Witten Hoebel and Colin Hardesty.
Fall 2004 - Spring 2005
The Station becomes alive again through the will of student volunteers, keeping the Radio Station on the map, especially in regards to the Student Representative Council. Witten Hoebel resides as General Manager.
Fall 2005 - Spring 2006
The FM broadcast becomes officially lost due to complications within the filing process. The internet broadcast reaches various buildings on campus. The TV slide show continues on Channel 3 in the dorms. Colin Hardesty resides as General Manager.
Summer 2006 The Radio Station buys a new sound board.
January 2007 UNC Student Radio is almost disbanded due to various circumstances. A new generation of managment ends up taking over station, bringing a world-wide internet broadcast. Chris Hansen resides as General Manager.