Become a DJ at UNC Student Radio

If you wish to become a DJ at UNC Student Radio, the applications are available here. 

Upon completing the application, e-mail the finished copy to us at:

  • Before filling out, keep in mind that there are four different applications: Radio DJ, News Department, Sports Broadcaster, and Photographer. A definition of each follows so that you can be sure to download and complete the appropriate application below. 


DJ: For those who want to have a general music show, talk show, or be a radio personality (if you are planning to be a part of a team, each member must fill out an application). 

Sports Broadcaster: If you wish to primarily report about sports both inside and outside UNC.

Photographer: This includes taking pictures at most of the events around campus and posting them on our facebook page and outher sources for people to see your work and to capture memories of college life here at UNC.

News Department: This is if the shows you have on the radio are primarily to deliver news about UNC, country, or worldwide. 

If you have any issues downloading or viewing the application, please send an e-mail to:


Application Attachments:

DJ Application

News application

Sports Application

Photography Application